Sharjah is the third largest of seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, the only one to overlook both the Arabian Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Oman. It holds a common border with all surrounding Emirates and Oman.  On 2 December 1971, Sharjah was one of the first Emirates to join the Union of what would become the United Arab Emirates.
Sharjah's first community existed by the coastline and grew organically around natural resources. Ever since, urban planning and optimal infrastructure have been virtues of the city, allowing the synchronization between urban development and fundamental physical and organizational structures and facilities. Throughout the years, Sharjah has embodied a story of diversity, where visitors can indulge in a sunny holiday, discover traditional souks or visit modern shopping malls.

With its countless heritage sites and museums to majestic mosques and lagoons, Sharjah represents the natural beauty of true Arabian deserts, mountains and seas. Sharjah's east coast is replete with archaeological sites and forts. In 1932, the city inaugurated the first airport, as well as the first school, library and municipality in the region.