Urban Planning and Mix Planning

Planning is a dynamic field that works to improve the well being of people and their communities. It forms more convenient and attractive places for present and future generations.

SUPC seeks to enable citizens and businesses to establish a meaningful role in shaping communities that enrich people's lives. Managing the right balance of new development and essential services, environmental protection, and innovative change all in perfect synergy.

The opportunity to thrive towards a more livable and lively community is emphasized by well‐managed, future population growth and demographic change.

The vision is for Sharjah to become more sustainable, a place of great experiences from a vibrant downtown with connected neighborhoods all the way to open spaces and productive industrial areas.

To advance on this vision, SUPC aims at specific planning targets that cover a more integrated transportation network with an emphasis on walking, and cycling. Moreover, we build on a mix of low to medium density uses and a range of ground‐oriented residential areas outside the city center alongside an improved network of trails and links across the city.

Mixed use planning orchestrates the combination of residential, commercial, institutional, cultural and strategically located industrial uses. Smart growth seeks to encourage compact design, organic neighborhoods and the creation of more transportation options through access to transit and greater connectivity between neighborhoods.

To crown it all, Sharjah has reduced its ecological footprint through proactive energy efficiency policies, adapting to the challenges of climate change in partnership with other governmental institutions and the community.