Vision & Mission

SUPC seeks to manage change and growth by optimizing Sharjah's urban development within its own eco-system. Building on that mission, the organization anchors itself as the backbone of today's rapid evolution of urban living in Sharjah, always seeking big ideas and greater solutions.

The coordination of the operation and the development of a multifaceted social culture move in sync with a sustainable economic cycle and optimal environmental measures towards one goal: unlocking the city's vision and potential through its own community. A city with great plans relies on complex and highly functional infrastructure. The result is a smooth urban life, every day. SUPC also plays the role of catalyst for socioeconomic development.

Because a cityʼs structure affects health, food security, welfare, access to basic services, and the ability to attune to climate change, intricate urban planning becomes rooted within every development goal. The approach varies – from redesign of its very foundations to the upgrading of existing settlements.

In today's changing world, SUPC combines traditional urban planning principles with a brand new logic created specifically to match the scale of urbanization. SUPC is proactive, and emphasizes sustainability.

It's all about enabling seamless connections between people, their economic prospects and the environment. That is why planning is fundamental to a new model, to create perfect synergy between social and economic activities. Our vision is driven by Sharjah's ongoing expansion. We therefore aim at stimulating sustainable economic growth and social wellbeing through a coherent and efficient urban infrastructure, while anchoring Sharjah's status as a leading environmentally-friendly city.

Future Sharjah

SUPC is committed to strategic planning, implementing and maintaining projects through proper regulations and guidelines that perceptibly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Sharjah. At the centre of these developments is a child-friendly city carefully customized to facilitate the lives of its younger generations. The optimal integration of family values, education and the environment, to create a healthy and distinctive lifestyle.

Better Infrastructure

The convenience and safety of Sharjah, with a deep consideration for the environment it empowers, are all made viable through diverse, mutually- coordinated public developments. This "smart city infrastructure" is the key to sustainable urban planning and development. From mobility to energy, water, communications and IT platforms, every area is essential in building the model that best supports Sharjah's strategic plan.

Working to Improve

SUPC's primary objective is to meet the public's needs and values, and deliver convenience and wellbeing to the highest standards possible. This comes with constant adaptation to changes in the global and urban environments. We work to achieve, and optimize a well- balanced synergy between a range of perspectives, social and cultural to economicand environmental. We operate in a city that offers all the resources needed to continue evolving our thinking, and therefore our prospects. It all comes down to finding the best possible ways to link our resources with the city's offerings. Creative thinking is essential to maintaining perfect harmony between these resources, because the outcome affects people on a daily basis, and the ultimate goal remains: "making those people happier by making their lives easier".