Bus Shelters

In collaboration with Sharjah Road and Transport Authority and Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, SUPC has embarked on a development project for user-friendly bus shelters, with the aim to provide the best possible service and convenience for public transport users in the emirate. SUPC’s key goal in carrying out this project is to encourage members of the community to use public transport. This will promote a sustainable environment and a more comprehensive infrastructure in the emirate.

The design for the bus shelters features a simple yet highly functional, efficient and flexible structure. All shelters will be provided with solar energy panels for electricity production, in collaboration with SEWA, and also in compliance with the sustainability standards that SUPC is committed to upholding.

Furthermore, commuters would soon be able to enjoy air-conditioned bus shelters with all the necessary amenities such as an electronic bulletin board that displays all information related to bus service timetables and routes.